Why outsource?

To answer the question of, “Why Outsource?”
let’s explore the question of “What is a PEO?” first:


What is a Peo?

“A professional employer organization (PEO) provides comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Payroll, benefits, HR, tax administration, and regulatory compliance assistance are some of the many services PEOs provide to growing businesses across the country. Small businesses that work with a PEO grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have employee turnover that is 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business.”
(NAPEO.org, November 2016)

So you see, outsourcing your payroll and HR not only saves you on time, money, and confusion, outsourcing helps you grow a successful business!


Why Us?

Serving You is Important to Us:

We truly do care about you and your business. With exceptional customer service, reliability, professionalism and integrity being the cornerstone of all we do here at PayrollHR Hawaii, our ultimate goal is to free up your time, while simultaneously increasing your profit with our superior PEO services.

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Focus on what matters most to you

When you choose PayrollHR Hawaii as your trusted Payroll/HR partner, we will add incredible value to your business by helping you to better serve your business and employees and allowing you to focus on the things that really matter to you:
Your core business and own clients!

While you get back to the process of growing your business, allow us to handle all your tedious Payroll and HR needs.

  • Eliminating Confusion, Saving You Time and Money:

    At PayrollHR Hawaii, we understand how complex the regulatory requirements are and how confusing they can be, especially at the rate they are continuously changing. As a PEO, we are well-versed in all aspects of these requirements and, as such, are here to help you with all your Payroll/HR related needs. Whether you need help with general HR services, payroll, payroll tax compliance, worker’s compensation claims, unemployment or temporary disability insurance claims or employee benefits, we would be honored to help you.

  • Keeping Your Company Safe and in Compliance:

    As an established PEO, PayrollHR Hawaii can help you to better protect your business from dangers such as fraudulent unemployment and worker’s compensation claims as well as poor tax reporting and HR record-keeping.In addition, we also carefully monitor all claims and work with our PEO clients in order to ensure a safe and secure working environment that could result in fewer workplace injuries and, as a consequence, a decrease in worker’s compensation claims.

  • Lower Your Costs and Increase Your ROI:

    Partnering with PayrollHR Hawaii means that you will inevitably be “leasing” our Payroll/HR staff. You will soon notice how we help you to effortlessly streamline your business operations by eliminating the additional costs for Payroll and HR staff in your office. Investing in PayrollHR Hawaii PEO services is well worth it as the ROI (return on investment) you receive in the long term is an incredible value for your money.