Bookkeeping Reviews

Trustworthy, honest, caring, organized, perceptive with the big picture… Help others by organizing, structuring, creating…. Open peoples eyes… take clients companies to the next level, or to a better place and direction…. You have helped my company move in the direction of being organized and allowed it to grow in many directions and now with the latest help and honest criticism, I think I can move towards the next level or even a better healthier direction, one that allows me more freedom. Jim Antony, Antony Construction, Inc.
Loving, helpful, organized, focused on what’s real. Healthy use of time. I think you are a great teacher of smooth business operations as well as restructuring to meet the lifestyle. You have a wealth of knowledge in the field and your way of delivery is real and to the point. You have really helped me think about how I spend my time and the perspective of having your money work for you. Most of all you have helped me think about what is really important to me and the manifestation of that.
Michael Graefe
Very calm, pleasant and easy to be/work with. Reliable and Efficient. No wasted time, effort. Dependable. Problem solver. Creative and resourceful. Curious and adventurous. After over 30 years in business I can say without hesitation that you are the best bookkeeper I’ve worked with. You bring confidence and competence and a very pleasant “vibe”.
John Wehrheim, Wehrheim Productions LLC
Discrete: you can be trusted with other peoples’ financial information; Encouraging: you make all the complexity feel workable; Ethical: you encourage good business practices and honesty with record-keeping; Competent: you have a lot of background knowledge with things like state taxes, workers comp, department of labor, banking, insurance, etc. Indispensible: I could not have gotten this business off the ground and running like a legitimate business without your assistance… Because I now have a solid administrative base to my company I am in a position to grow. I am deeply grateful for that.
Kristen Greene, Greene Guest Services, LLC/Kauai Vacation Realty, LLC
You are dependable, healthy, delightful, energetic, and clear-minded. You help others by listening and providing a fair-minded sounding board. You have benefited me by providing general organization, representing my interests well… When you say you are going to do something I know it will be done well…. You give me more free time.
Chris Jaeb, Common Ground Kauai, LLC
Donna has been a ‘life-saver’ for us with all of her help with our accounting needs. Donna’s complete and professional expertise, and her ‘can-do’ attitude has been one of the reasons we are so successful and confident in our ongoing daily business. We can highly recommend Donna in all her capacities to anyone who wishes to upgrade their accounting practices and business model in today’s challenging business climates.
Rev. Michael Merle-Jones, Island Weddings & Blessings, LLC